UK: Nuaire is expanding its BPS range of air handling units with the launch of a new unit with integrated R32 heat pump.

The new BPS-ECO-HP unit joins Nuaire’s Boxer range of UK-manufactured AHUs, first launched in 2000. Ac Ahu

Nuaire AHU with integrated R32 heat pump - Cooling Post

Featuring inverter-controlled dual compressors, the BPS-ECO-HP eliminates the need for on-site refrigerant installation works – creating a system that is quicker and easier to specify, install and maintain.

It retains the classic BPS features such as its hydrophobic roof, high classification levels, skid system for ease of maintenance, and Nuaire’s plug and play Ecosmart controls as standard. The new units also come with built-in gas leak detectors for added safety.

The heat pump system is installed between the thermal wheel allowing for an efficient heat recovery system. Units are also reverse cycle, providing options for both heating and cooling.

The incorporated dual compressor operation features automatic defrost control to ensure heat recovery is not lost in the event of one compressor failing. When the build-up of frost in the exhaust coil reaches a limit, the dual system will automatically respond and start warming up the second system to ensure continuous ventilation.

Nuaire AHU with integrated R32 heat pump - Cooling Post

Dx Air Handling Unit The range has undergone a rigorous test programme over a 12-month period in Nuaire’s AMCA-certified test facility to provide extensive data from -5 to 25°C.